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Why is Raw Honey a great choice for your family? Unlike commercial honey, Raw Honey isn’t heated, blended, treated or micro filtered to remove all the good bits! All of the beneficial yeasts and enzymes are kept in our honey making it 100% natural and 110% delicious!

Burnt Barrel Bee’s Honey is dense and creamy in nature, meaning it has retained less water making it a truly amazing blend of vitamins and minerals! The unique texture of our honey comes from the pristine nature of our Honey Bee’s home, in the scenic Chapman Valley, Western Australia.
The property is buzzing with giant Gum Trees, and an endless array of natural bush flora including Wattle and Bottlebrush and. During the winter, Chapman Valley plays host to the most incredible array of wildflowers in the state, delighting our Honey Bees with a smorgasbord of flowers to pollinate!

With all-year round flowering, our Bees are always busy working to bring you this incredible Australian Bush Honey.
For more information on the benefits of Raw Honey, or about our Beekeeper Gabby and the Burnt Barrel Farm, check out the Burnt Barrel Website at www.burntbarrel.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Burntbarrelbees


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